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We specialize in completing technically complex construction projects in challenging working environments. With decades of experience and deep industry partner relationships, we work with your design team to accurately verify scope and site conditions.

Then we build a construction team with the right skillset to ensure successful and safe completion of your project. Finally, we run projects in a collaborative manner, with consistent and open communication from start to finish.

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We leverage our relationships in the design and construction communities to your benefit. Whether we are working with a trusted MEP partner provider to design-build a new HVAC system for your space, or working with a trusted engineering or architectural firm to design an entire project, we have access to the right resources to guide your project from design through completion.

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Repurposing, refreshing, and renovating space is an ongoing endeavor in institutional and commercial environments. We have years of experience working with clients and their end-users on tenant improvement projects that range from simple cosmetic refreshes to complex repurposing of spaces. Our team understands the nuances of stakeholder relationships in tenant improvement projects, and we know how to work for you, the owner, while making sure your end-user always feels like a valued participant in the process.

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Project Management

Our team will coordinate the planning and control for your specialty construction project. Schaffran Construction’s deep experience and collaborative team approach will ensure that your project is a success for you and the end-users. 

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